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  • Interesting stuff, March 2024

  • European flight compensation (EC261): a user’s guide

    I recently happened across this blog post which talks about how to file an EC261 claim. I have unfortunately had to file multiple of these, and I thought that I would document some further tips in case anyone finds them useful. There are some example emails at the bottom of the page. If you think…

  • Interesting stuff, February 2024

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  • Interesting stuff, September 2023

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  • Using Anki for mathematics

    It is not a coincidence that almost every mathematics textbook contains some words to the effect that “mathematics is not a spectator sport” – this seems kind of obvious, but it is something which eluded me for a while. The best way to practice and improve at maths is to do lots of practice questions,…

  • BIO 2021 question 1

    Note: you can find the question paper on the BIO website Part A This problem can be solved simply using a recursive algorithm: function is_pat(string: String) -> bool if string.len() == 1 then return True else is_pat = False for i=0 to string.len() – 2 do let (first_half, second_half) = string.split_at(i) if NOT min(first_half) >…

  • Hindley-Milner Type Inference in Rust

    I have always found the explanations of type inference in the PL (programming language) literature to be at a very abstract level. This is fine, but I found it much easier to understand the underlying mechanisms by looking at more concrete examples. The basic problem of type inference is this: we don’t want to make…

  • “Critical” AI?

    The term “AI” is one of those words so well-worn by corporate marketing departments that all the meaning has been worn out of it. It has been worn until it has frayed and torn apart and ended up as little more than a term to be picked up and tacked onto things by corporate marketing…